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Extending  or Altering a Listed Property

Work on Listed Properties should only be undertaken by people who have full knowledge of the implications and skills required.

Nearly all work on or around Listed Properties requires Local Authority consent and not meeting the obligations is a criminal offence.

However new work correctly undertaken will be a great investment particularly as in most cases VAT will not be payable or in official jargon will be zero rated.

Over 35 years of designing and building extensions on Listed Properties has given us the knowledge and skills that are required for such work plus we can undertake all the planning/listed consent work including historic reports and planning statements.

Our knowledge and expertise is such that our joinery section and construction details have been approved by many Local Authorities and this helps build a strong relationship with Planning and Conservation Officers.

With special techniques we are even able to add modern additions to Listed Properties giving a striking combination of new and old.

Feel free to call us on 01580 893055 for a free informal chat about any project you are considering but don’t delay - obtaining approval for work on Listed Properties tends to take far longer than you would have hoped.